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Back and Neck Pain Studies

Back pain and related neck pain have been common complaints for centruries ans humans have coped with various circumstances that induce pain in the neck and various back pain.

The bones and muscles in the back and in the neck are made up of complex systems that involve many intricate muscles and a system of bones that must work in concert with the muscular system. If one of the systems develops a problem, pain is a likely effect.

As common as back and neck pain is, this type of pain does not have an absolute cure or system for mitigating the pain caused by muscle systems and skeletal systems in the back and neck. Some types of problems that can occur in the back include herniated discs, spinal stenosis, injured muscles, and fractured bones. Doctors and researchers are working to find better ways to eliminate back pain.

Medical research studies involving back pain and neck pain could be used to determine how exactly pack pain and neck pain occur, and how to remedy the pain better. Medical research, and clinical research studies are currently ongoing. Research studies need volunteers that are either healthy or suffering from an affliction. Participants in research studies may be compensated for their participation in a study.

Joint Pain Studies

Joint pain affects millions of North Americans.

Clinical research is taking place that can improve the lives of tohose suffering from joint pain and arthritis

Clinical Trials

Clinical research medical trials information homepage.

BYH medical research page dedicated to providing information about medical trials and clinical trials to willing participants.

Foot Pain Studies

Pain in the foot can affect every system in the body.

Foot pain can come by surprise and usually comes in the form of plantar fascitis or heel spurs among other disorders. Find out how you can participate in a research study.

Migraine/Headache Studies

Migraines and headaches can be serious and debilitating.

Head pain can be mysterious and persistant. Chronic head pain is currently being studied, and healthy as well as unhealthy research candidates are needed to complete research studies.