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Joint pain is a common ailment that affects adults and youth, both men and women. Joint pain disorders can have a debilitating effect on the happiness and livelihood of all of those affected.

Arthritis, Rhumetiod arthritis, cartilage degredation, and degenerative joint disease are among the top causes of joint pain and discomfort. Each cause of joint illness is unique, and can be caused by different sources, however, in each case, joint pain and discomfort cause individuals to have a lower quality of life than those who remain unaffected.

Although the conditions that cause joint pain have been well studied, the underlying causes of conditions that cause pain in the joints still needs further research. In some cases joint pain can be sourced to hereditary or genetic causes. Other times, envirnmental causes of certain conditions may be the culprit. Diet, exercise, environmental toxins, and exposure to other harmful substances may be the causes of painful joint conditions.

Clinical research aims to gain a better understanding of how the body and joints. If you feel that you may be able to contribute to a scientific approach to discovering causes and cures for conditions that cause joint pain, then you may be able to find a study in which you can participate. Participants in medical research can be compensated for their time and participation in a clinical study.

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