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Migraine and Headache Studies

Headaches and migraine headaches can be the source of deep pain for individuals suffering from head pain. Migraines tend to be chronic conditions that reoccur with varying frequency. Headaches of all varieties can cause a significant reduction in quality of life for those who suffer from them.

Pain in the head can be classified as a neurological disorder, of it can be due to traumatic injury such as sports injuries or car accidents. CAT scans and MRIs are used to understand the relationship between brain injuries and activity and the quantity and quality of pain that an individual suffers.

Medical research is needed to better understand the various types of pain that people endure as a result of certain conditions. Clinical trials of healthy individuals, as well as individuals suffering from a from of head pain are necessary to determine causes and treatments for head pain. Study participants could be compensated for their involvement ton a medical research study.

Joint Pain Studies

Joint pain affects millions of North Americans.

Clinical research is taking place that can improve the lives of tohose suffering from joint pain and arthritis

Back/Neck Pain Studies

Back pain comes in many forms, and affects nearly every adult at some point in their life

Research studies to understand back pain and improve the lives of sufferers is ongoing. Join a study today.

Foot Pain Studies

Pain in the foot can affect every system in the body.

Foot pain can come by surprise and usually comes in the form of plantar fascitis or heel spurs among other disorders. Find out how you can participate in a research study.

Clinical Trials

Clinical research medical trials information homepage.

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